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    Saint Clair Shores, Michigan


    Located between lakes Huron and Erie, Lake St. Clair is the smallest lake in the Great Lakes system. Heart-shaped and shallow (averaging only 10 feet/3 meters deep), the lake requires periodic dredging to ensure bottom clearance for large ships. The northeastern portion of Lake St. Clair is an extensive delta system, the largest within the Great Lakes. The Michigan portion of the delta has been urbanized, while Ontario has set aside much of the wetlands as the Walpole Indian Reservation. Wetland loss from urban and recreational encroachment continues to be a problem on the U.S. side; and in Ontario, many of the wetland areas have been wiped out by agricultural drainage. Comprehensive Management Plan __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lake St. Clair Beaches Focus of New Joint Project

    Contact: Robert McCann (517) 241-7397
    Agency: Environmental Quality

    August 8, 2005

    The Department of Environmental Quality and the United States Geological Survey are collaborating to identify sourcesof elevated E. coli concentrations in the water at the Macomb County Metro Beach Metropark and St. Clair Shores Memorial Beachon Lake St. Clair. The 15-month study, funded with $118,000 from DEQ and $51,000 from the USGS,will identify possible sources of E. coli and determine the environmental factors that contribute to variations in E. coliconcentrations.
    “In spite of aggressive efforts to correct illicit connections, failing septic systems, and to prevent sewer system overflows, we continue to see E. coli levels that result in closing of local beaches,” said Ken DeBeaussaert,Director of the Office of the Great Lakes and Lake St. Clair Coordinator. “The ultimate goal of this work is to enable these beaches to remain open,while ensuring that the public health is protected.”
    The project could be the basis for developing a better predictive model for beach conditions. The data will be used by the DEQ to help develop mitigation efforts by the state and local units of government.
    Memorial and Metropark beaches are routinely monitored for E. coli by the Macomb County Health Department and both periodically exceed the water quality standards for E. coli, resulting in beach closures. Results of E. coli monitoring for the Memorial and Metropark beaches, as well as monitoring results and beach closure information for other Michigan beaches, can be found on the DEQ’s Beach Water Monitoring Web site at: http://www.deq.state.mi.us/beach.
    Editor’s note: DEQ news releases are available on the department’s Internet home page at www.michigan.gov/deq.
    “Protecting Michigan’s Environment, Ensuring Michigan’s Future”
    Revised August 8, 2005 by Pat Watson
    MDOT to construct soundwall in St. Clair Shores
    Contact: Brenda Peek 248-483-5109
    Agency: Transportation
    What: A groundbreaking ceremony will be held to mark construction of the soundwall in St. Clair Shores, Macomb County.
    Who: Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) officials, including Ted B. Wahby, State Transportation Commission chairman, and Drew Buckner, Macomb County Transportation Service Center manager; Bob Hison, mayor of St. Clair Shores; and others

    When: Friday, July 2910:30 to 11a.m.

    Where: The ceremony will be held at the intersection of Wood Street and Stephens Road.
    Directions: From I-94, exit onto 10 Mile Road. The first street east of I-94 is Wood Street. Turn right on Wood Street and travel approximately two blocks to Stephens Road. Parking is available on Wood Street.

    Background: The soundwall will be located on I-94 eastbound from Stephens Road northerly to 10 Mile Road in the city of St. Clair Shores, Macomb County. This project will begin in early August and is expected to be completed by early November 2005.
    The prime contractor for this $1.5 million project is E.C. Korneffel of Trenton, Mich.
    MDOT: Celebrating 100 years of transportation innovation, 1905-2005 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ ENVIRONMENT
    Groups unveil plan to protect Great Lakes
    By Hugh McDiarmid Jr.
    A Great Lakes water-protection plan more sweeping than Gov. Jennifer Granholm's proposed Water Legacy Act wasunveiled Wednesday by a coalition of environmentalgroups.The plan, like the Legacy Act, would require permits for large-scale withdrawals of Michigan groundwater or surface water, but it would go further -- prohibitingmost private sales of water from operations like Nestle Waters' Ice Mountain spring water bottling plant near Big Rapids.
    "It's converting a public resource to a private commodity," said Dave Dempsey, policy adviser to the Michigan chapter of Clean Water Action. "It raises the specter that anyone with access to groundwater" can sell it. The proposal has no legislative sponsors, but lawmakers were briefed on it Wednesday morning said James Clift, policy adviser for the Michigan EnvironmentalCouncil. The plan and the Legacy Act are expected to be debated during the summer as legislators wrangle with what, if any, steps to take to protect the state's water resources. A summary of the plan is available at www.cleanwateraction.org
    Click on "state programs" and "Michigan." ______________________________________________________________________________________
    St. Clair Shores: Storm drain results are in; announcement imminent

    August 4, 2005
    Word could be coming this week regarding the next step in the PCB investigation in St. Clair Shores. Representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency have contacted city officials to inform them that test results are back from probing that was done two months ago near the 10 Mile storm drain. At the end of May, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the EPA used Geoprobes to pull soil samples from the drain. The samples came from soil 15 feet beneath the surface. The probing was done after the highest concentrations of PCBs ever found in St. Clair Shores -- 200,000 parts per million -- were uncovered in February. PCBs -- polychlorinated biphenyls -- are a chemical compound used in fire-retardant properties and industrial coolants until they were banned in 1977, when it was discovered they could cause cancer. City Communications Director Mary Jane Winkler said the latest results are more likely to reveal where high concentrations of the chemicals are instead of what created the PCBs. The source of the PCBs remains unknown. For several years, St. Clair Shores residents have been waiting for definitive answers as to what is polluting the 10 Mile storm drain and the 10 Mile Lange-Revere Canal with PCBs. City and environmental officials have stressed throughout the past several years that the presence of PCBs hasn't jeopardized the health of residents. Winkler said the EPA reported to the city that the results have been validated and that the federal agency is meeting internally to figure out what the results mean. Afterward, the EPA will meet with state environmental officials and then city officials. At that point, a public forum will be held to inform residents of the finding. The meetings are expected to take place within the next several weeks. "We're kind of in a holding pattern right now," Winkler said. "Hopefully that pattern will break really soon."
    Contact DAN CORTEZ at 586-469-1827 or cortez@freepress.com.

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